Who are we

Josh Lewis – Born and raised in the Panhandle area, now develops custom iPhone applications in the Atlanta, GA area.  Recently partnered with Core Media Concepts.

Josh serves as the technical developer of both iPhone/iPad apps, as well as the back-end engineer for Core Media Concepts

Will Manuel – Photoshop and design guru.  Anything you can think of, he can design. Co-founder of Core Media Concepts.

Core Media Concepts Web Development was established with the goal of helping small to medium sized companies build their websites/web applications efficiently using a proven and streamlined approach. We enjoy working with individuals who are just starting a new business, as well as those who have been in business for a while. The diversity helps keep our designs fresh and interesting. Our business-driven approach separates us from typical web design and development companies.  We also shine in providing some of the most unique entertainment experiences in the country. From hosting concerts with award winning artists, to setting up a business networking event, Core Media Concepts brings it all.

Contact us, and lets start building apps!

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